So here’s a thing.

May or may not have been catcalled as Girlfriend and I left on an emergency grocery run tonight. We were holding hands. The sound was a kissy noise, coming from the same general direction of the looky-loo probable shut-in who always watches people from his window. he is across the courtyard from us. He does not seem to grasp the whole, ‘if someone catches you staring at them you look the fuck away’ business. 

Girlfriend thinks the sound was like a bird or a squirrel or something. I have my doubts. 

I was basically in red alert threat mode the rest of the trip. When we came back his blinds were closed and the apartment dark, so who knows. 

All I know is that if it happens again, if I see his fucking wormy looking face and he makes some fucking snide street harassment sound at me or my beloved, I will destroy him. I will find a way.

I want to see the life leave his eyes.

I really want to know like, the demographics of the people who perpetrate street harassment. Like, are these loners? are these people without attachments? I cannot seem to fathom any of these shitstains having say, families who would miss them if they were gone. 

And I really, really, in my heart of hearts wish that they could be purged from the face of the earth. I imagine them on fire, or pierced with thousands of shards of black glass. I imagine that the world is somehow just, and they can be made to feel fear equivalent to the fear they inspire by constantly policing other people’s bodies and telling them that they cannot safely be in public space. 

I want street harassment to end. And gods help me I want it to end in blood and screaming, so that it never happens again. 

  1. sec-pulumchval said: Doesn’t make you a horrible person! There is absolutely no excuse for that cuntbag’s behavior. Disgusting. I had a guy blatantly comment about my boobs a couple weeks ago, right in front of me, and I wanted to sock him one right in the kisser.
  2. hladgerd said: that doesn’t make you a horrible person at all. I got catcalled while on the phone with Mel, discussing the sleazeball who somehow thought it was okay to give her a disgusting poem on the subway. Every one of these pieces of filth should die.
  3. salparadisewasright said: that’s basically how I feel actually, so, yeah. “bad person” is such a relative term.
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