…still not quite happy with Cecil’s design here but it’s a process and I’m just going to keep drawing him more and more instead of say, tweaking this one piece for another week and a half and growing more dissatisfied with it. 

HEADCANON RAMBLE TIME: Carlos puts his hair back in an adorkable curly ponytail poof to keep it out of his eyes when he’s doing Science, this causes Cecil to make noises only dogs can hear.

I didn’t originally see Cecil this way but after a lot of internal hand-wringing I decided I want to portray him as a biracial, mostly-white-passing POC like me, because I almost never see myself represented in things thanks to erasure and yeah. Really nervous about this for some reason.

The only things abnormal about this Cecil are that his tattoos have the tendency to move, and he is often a little anemic because he’s usually the one in charge of maintaining the station’s bloodstone circle (they try to get the interns to do it but they can’t keep any around for long enough). Carlos was a little startled by this information at first, but he is not the type to make snap judgments about other people’s religions, and subsequently gifted Cecil with a bunch of fresh kale and a package of sterile lancets on their next date. 

Okay there you have it folks I have jumped onto the fanart bandwagon I hope you like it wow gosh everyone is just so good and I get intimidated anyway have a nice day!!

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